The famed Sahara of the 1950s was the classic Las Vegas resort.  Louis Prima, Elvis Presley, Judy Garland, and the Beatles all played here. Throughout the decades the mystique remained but for only those few who cared to remember, as the Sahara became overshadowed by the big corporations and mega-casinos. It was sold in 2013, remodeled and named the SLS Las Vegas, and over the next five years struggled with its brand tone, and poor visibility on the north end of the Strip. The Meruelo Group purchased the property in 2018 and was looking for an agency to create an audacious brand for a new generation. One that could compete with the big boys on the other end of the Strip.

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We chose to create a new brand identity leveraging a strong strategy, establishing strong brand pillars as INTIMATE, ICONIC, and UNEXPECTED that can evolve and grow richer over time.   A new logo that stands out in a very competitive landscape. New product names and branding logo system for hotel towers, bars, pools, and spa.   Hotel collateral for everything from the key card that gets you in your room to the signage that hangs outside the building. And finally a full 360 marketing campaign, across print, billboard, social, tv and branded content that will launch this new identity and reintroduce Sahara to the world

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The Sahara infinity “S” icon was created to signify this timeless and sensual soul, while the Sahara logotype evokes the feelings of the property’s original Saharan brand. The elegance of the identity is paired with the rich, blue and gold hues, with the “S” icon acting as a design element in itself in whole, or in part, as background textures and accents, on stationary, business cards, promotional items, and on-property. Headlines on packaging underscore Sahara’s cheeky and playful side, which is a key part of the brand’s contemporary voice.



Our approach to their marketing needs is two-fold.  First, as the hotel has a new look we wanted to establish a strong asset library that would allow for numerous applications and branding opportunities.  Second, is providing marketing containers that would align with each of the brand pillars of INTIMATE, ICONIC, and UNEXPECTED.   A full marketing campaign is in the works and scheduled for production after the hotel completes its renovation. 


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